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Contemporary movies give us grand visions of stunning angels and bright celestial beings, so it’s no wonder so many teens are craving beautiful platinum blonde hair these days.

Stacked A-line Bob Haircut for teens /tumblr Red Blonde and Brown Highlights with an Inverted Bob /tumblr Side View of Graduated Bob Cut /Tumblr

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Try platinum blonde hair shade if you want to stand out from the crowd. This color is so eye-catching. See our collection of platinum blonde looks.

Your hair is what YOU make it. may give you ideas with pictures, narrative, and links to other sites, but the choices are up to you.

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#7: Bouncy Caramel Blonde Bob. Dirty blonde hair is a complex color that is not dark enough to be considered brown, though it’s not an average blonde either.

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The colour blonde is so incredibly versatile when it comes to hair. You can opt for an icy bleached blonde, a vibrant golden blonde or a super cool ash blonde. The latter is undeniably our favourite colour, and that’s why we’ve chosen to explore this amazing style today. We’ve gathered an

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Blonde hair with lowlights can make your blonde tones pop with vigor. Low lighting works great for blondes as it adds depth and dimension.

These bombshell blondes will convince you to lighten up your hair at your next visit to the salon.

Blonde is such a versatile hair colour! It comes in a whole host of different stunning shades, from a warm caramel to an ash blonde, a vibrant bleach and an icy white – each as wonderful as the last. Balayage is an incredible hair colouring transition which blends one colour to another naturally

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The blonde look will always and forever remain one of our favorites, seen on several celebrities, our customers have always kept the blonde wigs one of our top sellers.