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Looking for a recipe to make perfect Cosmopolitan cocktail? Our step-by-step Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe will definitely wow your friends.

Cosmopolitan cocktails are festive and fun to drink. Cosmos also have quite a lot of sugar. Here’s how to make a low-carb and sugar-free Cosmopolitan.

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Lipsmackingly sweet-and-sour, the Cosmopolitan cocktail of vodka, cranberry, orange liqueur and citrus is a good time in a glass. Perfect for a party

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Why would you want to drink anything other than the World’s Best Cosmopolitan Cocktail? The only thing teeny about this drink is its color.

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Not overly sweet or too tart, this cosmopolitan cocktail recipe is perfect for one or to prepare in advance for a crowd.

A delicious recipe for Cosmopolitan Cocktail, with vodka, triple sec, Rose’s® lime juice and cranberry juice. Also lists similar drink recipes.

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A delicious recipe for Cosmopolitan Cocktail #2, with Absolut® Citron vodka, lime juice, triple sec and cranberry juice. Also lists similar drink recipes.

Il Cosmopolitan (chiamato anche informalmente Cosmo) è un cocktail alcolico internazionale a base di vodka riconosciuto ufficialmente dalla International Bartenders Association.. Fa parte della famiglia dei Cape Codder ed è inserito nella categoria IBA dei “Contemporary Classics” nel ricettario ufficiale aggiornato al 2011.

The cosmopolitan, typically referred to as the ‘cosmo,’ gained popularity during the 1990s when it was frequently mentioned on the television show Sex and the City. The combination of vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cranberry juice have made it a timeless classic.