What is the Value of Old Postage Stamps? Everyone has a few Old Postage Stamps and Wonder What are these Stamps Worth

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Do you still have some of those old S&H Green Stamps lying around the house? Don’t throw them away! In checking for a friend to find out if they’re still worth anything, I came across a section in the FAQs

SEAMLESS SKINS. Seamless Old Granite Cleft Stone. Talk about innovation – Old Granite Cleft Stone was the very first seamless texture ever produced.

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Explore historical, rare and valuable postage stamps from Europe (Deutsches Reich, Soviet Union, East- and West Germany) as well as from Asia and America.

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Historical rare postage stamps at Old-Stamps.com. Old stamps from Europe (esp. Deutsches Reich, East Germany and Austria), America, Australia, Africa, …

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