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Can you say awesome? Sephora just added a Teen Makeup Class to its roster!

Ruby Corder, a transgender teenager, is being called Victoria Beckham’s doppelganger and look-alike. Due to her uncanny resemblance, Corder is …

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Teen Makeup Look 5

The New York Times published a piece sexualizing pre-teen and even pre mans in an article about eye makeup.

Because, above all, you want to look like yourself on your wedding day. If your approach to wedding day makeup is best described as minimalist, then a tinted moisture could be the perfect base for your bridal beauty look. The lightweight foundation substitute infuses skin with moisture, is easy to

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Teen Makeup Look 5

Christina Aguilera stripped down for Paper magazine, but the singer’s cover photo was decidedly less racy than those of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian West. Instead of taking off her clothes, the singer bared her face, sans makeup. Aguilera even showed off her rarely seen freckles in the cover photo

With the right tricks, turning back the clock can be as simple as opening your makeup bag.

We spoke to makeup artist and influencer Madison Murrell about how to achieve the perfect no-makeup makeup look, and here’s what we learned.

Apr 19, 2018 · Um, Sephora, what are you doing, teen? The beauty brand recently launched an Ocean Crush Sponge Set that is supposed to look like pink conch shells, but as Twitter so graciously pointed out… the sponges look like peens.

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For his senior year, Kevin Kodra, an 18-year-old student from Toronto, Canada, was determined to get a good yearbook picture, he told INSIDER. The makeup artist spent four hours crafting the perfect look — and it paid off.